United in Sound
harmonically connected, not fearfully divided
Music transforms. Nothing is more powerful. It raises our vibration, transcends barriers, it unifies and unites hearts, souls and minds. Lifting our spirits, instils energy, relieves stress and strengthens immunity. Most of all, it fills us with joy.
At the moment, it can prove difficult to remain hopeful and bright. We can fall into despair and be affected physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
Human beings are social creatures. We need interaction, we need to express ourselves. Music is the perfect medium, and where you find it, you will find dancing, singing, talking, laughing and hugging.
During these times, music and singing have been targeted and restricted. Let's bring it back and, along with it, the social connectedness that is rightfully ours.
‘United in Sound’ is a platform that aims to unite musicians and audiences through a shared love of music, singing and dance, encouraging impromptu gigs that bring happiness and healing to the world.
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